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A very special night lays ahead, SISUCUNDA will be performing music from the songbook EMERALD (2018). EMERALD is a compilation of 50+ songs written in the times span of 14 days by Otso Kasperi Mielonen. The music strives to blur the lines between composition and improvisation while still maintaining a strong filmesque narrative. Together with a magnificent band of strong individuals, the listener will be drawn in for a unique sonic experience. Jan Henrik Rau (GER): Guitar J. Linn (GER): Vocals Yuzaha O’Halloran (JP/IRL): Alto Saxophone Rachel Hynes (IRL): Piano Andy O’Farrell (IRL): Drums Otso Kasperi Mielonen (DK): Electric Bass, Compositions

8.30 10e


  • 28 Thomas Street
    D08 VF83 - Dublin


Opening Hours

Mon-Thu: 11am - 11.30pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 00.30pm
Sun: 11am - 11pm