Gemma Sugrue & The Julien Colarossi Trio

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Guitarist Julien Colarossi born in Settefrati (Italy) moved to Ireland in 2007 to pursue his
musical career. After obtaining a BA in Jazz Performance in 2011 Julien went off to become
one of the most exciting young guitarists to emerge in recent years in the Irish Jazz scene.
After recording, writing, arranging, producing and collaborating on more than 20 albums,
playing all the major jazz festivals in the country and being part of many different original
projects Julien’s sights were now set on bringing his compositions to life with a vocalist.
Julien invited Gemma Sugrue to sing with his quartet at The International Bar (Wicklow
Street, Dublin) last year and the group instantly clicked and Gemma began to make a
regular appearance. There was a sense of ease and fun to the music making which enticed
the group to capture it on record. All of the band members have quite eclectic musical tastes
and playing styles including the singer, Gemma who is well known as a pop/soul vocalist,
lending her vocals to epic dance tunes performed by 2fm’s Jenny Greene and the RTE
Concert Orchestra.
The band’s true super power is in their live performance from the dynamic and attentive
Dominic Mullans on drums to the inventive, exciting and considered bass playing by Barry
Donohue to the florid, free-flowing, magical, musical musings of Johnny Taylor on piano. The
collective are a conscientious one, allowing space to breath for the singer’s narrative and
melody which are expanded upon and really bloom into technicolour with the spellbinding
and thrilling guitar playing from Julien Colarossi.
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  • 28 Thomas Street
    D08 VF83 - Dublin


Opening Hours

Mon-Thu: 12pm - 11.30pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm - 00.30pm
Sun: 12pm - 11pm